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Raj Singh Tut

People. Recognition. Execution.

I got lucky and became a people leader early in my career. I was bad at it and my people suffered. But, I made sure to learn from every mistake. Now, I build engineering teams by focusing on my personal principles of People, Recognition and Execution.

People. I develop leaders through compassionate coaching and a practical toolkit built from my mistakes.

Recognition. I believe that purposeful recognition is the most underrated leadership skill.

Execution. I build data-driven teams that experiment quickly to drive outcomes.

A little bit more about me.
  • I’ve started multiple startups and also had an exit to Disney.
  • I currently lead the Growth Engineering team at Credit Karma.
  • I write about how you can become a better leader in a tech company.
  • I coach aspiring leaders on the side and I really enjoy it. Please reach out if I can help.
  • You can connect with me on Linkedin or Twitter
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